Wednesday, August 1, 2012

News almost a month old!

I haven't posted in a month and I feel really bad about it! Things remain as they are. I'm not pregnant, even though I ovulated and we kept ttc. A new cycle started last Sunday, so here we go again. I continue on the gluten free dairy free diet, even thoug my blood work came back just fine. No auto immune antibodies, no extra natural killer cells. I'm not attacking myself and I'm not attacking my husband's boys. Hubby is well, too. The urologist said is numbers are good enough, and everything seems to be in order down there! Nevertheless, we haven't conceived, so the question remains.... Next Monday I will have a pelvic exam done to determine if I have any endometriosis. I surely do not have any symptoms of endometriosis. But... We are trying anything these days! I've tried to be more positive and not hate every single pregnant woman I meet on the street. I want to believe I am exactly where God wants me to be right now in my life, in spite of infertility, depression, uncertainties... Now is the time to be happy, with or without my so wanted baby.