Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recovering like a Champ

I removed the sterol strips yesterday and my incisions look beautiful. I can't believe they took my appendix put through one f them! Wen the doctor said the stitches would dissolve, he wasn't kidding. There are no stitches. The 4 small insidious look more like scratches and I can tell I won't have any scars. Amazing.

Of course, meanwhile I learned Shakira is pregnant, and an acquaintance invited me for her baby shower. Those are always downers. Not sure why Shakira being pregnant bothers me. Perhaps I would like her to suffer from infertility as well?  Perhaps because she's 35 years old and it all seems so easy? Who knows. Anyways I remain in complete abstinence here, as I must wait 2 weeks after surgery to resume our "ttc" routine. My post-op appointment is this Friday.

Life remains beautiful and sunny in Northern California. Fall is here, with its many shades of reddish brown. I made gluten free, dairy free pumpkin cupcakes before surgery. They were delicious. I'm looking forward to making zucchini bread next.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Hopefully we'll have a pregnancy next year. If we're lucky, I'll get a positive pregnancy test for Christmas.

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