Monday, June 20, 2011

Still hanging in

I've been off Venlafaxine for nearly 2 months. All I'm taking is Kavinace, a supplement that combines vitamin B6, taurine, and something called 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid. It supposedly helps with sleep and anxiety by supporting GABA function.

The anxiety attacks haven't returned, thankfully. What I have, sometimes, is this overwhelming sadness that comes all of a sudden. When it happens, I feel like doing nothing, I have no hope for the future, nor find joy in anything. It is very oppressing and scary, because I know it may be depression lingering in here, ready to attack.

My psychiatrist is very happy with the results of these past 2 months, of course, and he firmly believes I (and all the other patients) have to disassociate from the diagnosis. I had lost hope in being without meds, to be honest. I'm still not claiming victory over depression, for it is way too early. I've spent 5 months without medication before.

I may, or may not be pregnant, and I am honestly not getting all psycho about it this month. I will find out this Friday, or perhaps earlier, if my period decides to come 2 days before its due date again! I am only drinking decaf coffee, and not even every day. My husband really convinced me of stopping it. I know caffeine is not good for my anxiety, but I really like coffee :-)

Well, since there is nothing more I can do other than wait, wait I will. Until Friday.

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  1. Hang in there darl. I found it hard going off the caffine but after awhile you forget about the caffine shot in the coffee and I try to remind myself to make the coffee about the 'experience and ritual' of having a coffee not the need for energy (having said that when I'm on a heavy project or on tour I usually end up back on the caffine road!).

    I'm praying for your baby. Its coming I'm sure.
    much love
    ivana (in NZ)


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