Monday, December 12, 2011

Thirty-One Springs

Tomorrow is my birthday, and this blog is officially one year old! When I started writing here, exactly a year ago, I had many expectations, many dreams, and a bit of fear of the unknown future ahead of me. A year ago, I had just started reducing Effexor XR, so that I could try to get pregnant off medication. I was hoping things would go smooth. Well, as you all know very well, they didn't. I have walked a long path and have had a relapse. I changed medications. I did not get pregnant. Tomorrow, while I celebrate my 31st birthday, I want to focus on being healthy, taking good care of myself, enjoying my free time and enjoying the people I love. I want to keep feeling happynthenway I have felt since Cymbalta started working and cast away all the shadows. I still would love to become a mother, but I am not a slave of my obsession anymore. Happy Birthday to me:-)

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